Saints Tower Ebook Promotion.

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Still hard at work.

With the successful publishing of Saints Tower, it’s as if I’m on writing adrenaline.  I’ve completed the first draft of the second book in the Conspiracy series, The Reapers Grail, and the ending even knocked my socks off.  I’m one step closer to sharing this series with the world.  On to the editing and refinement of both books.

Release Day!

It’s official, Jared Reign’s supernatural journey through Saints Tower is now ready for everyone to experience. I would like to invite everyone to read and enjoy my first published novel in either paperback or e-book format. Thank you for all your support.

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Please share the excitement with all those awesome people in your life. (Or the not so awesome, they like reading as well)

The paperback can also be bought here

Saints Tower is Coming!

A beckon of light and a source of long forgotten hope, Saints Tower has brought unity and peace to the people of New York. But to Jared Reign, the Tower was the monstrosity that stole away everything he loved. Armed and desperate for answers, he now moves to join the few who have dared enter its sacred walls.

As a former detective for the NYPD, protocol and logic must give way to the unexplainable as Jared’s own past bars him from understanding a truth that could break him apart and lure everyone else into more adoration for Saints Tower.