Inspirational Stories

I’m currently getting a submission ready for Desert Book Publications for an inspiration picture book, and it got me wondering how many adults out there love to read picture books as much as me and my wife?  They might be written for children, but I find myself drawn to them just as much a full length novel.  I find it amazing how only a thousand or so words can have such an impact on a person.  Let me know what you think.


Release Day!

It’s official, Jared Reign’s supernatural journey through Saints Tower is now ready for everyone to experience. I would like to invite everyone to read and enjoy my first published novel in either paperback or e-book format. Thank you for all your support.

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Please share the excitement with all those awesome people in your life. (Or the not so awesome, they like reading as well)

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Excerpt from A Whisper of Shadow

In the absence of light our children ran wild.
Only a cruel protection could save them from that which we could not stop.
Weep for my children and pray the three will guide them well.
For those who strive in knowledge and balance we teach the dark secrets of the ghoststone.
Hearts who love more than all others we reluctantly give to our fallen brother.
And the forever loyal, the steadfast defenders, we arm with forbidden light.
May the three work in peace as our children grow blind.
From the book of Beenav—Words of Lamuth the mother